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Among the delicious dishes all over the world, Vietnamese dishes have always been recognized as the world worthiest food.

The first impression of Vietnamese food on foreigners is the unforgettable taste. Like other countries in the world, Vietnamese people also use spices while cooking. They have many recipes for different dishes, and all of recipes are often transferred from old people to young people in family. Besides that, the wonderfully decorative creations make separately unforgettable taste of Vietnamese food compared with other countries.

About Vietnamese food, depending on the region and the processing way, the material and spices are also different. For example of spices, Vietnamese food are always combined with other natural ingredients to create unique taste for each dish. Vietnamese folk says that "Chicken should eat with lemon tree's leaf":

"Pork should eat with small spring onion;

Dog meat should eat with Galingale;

Beef should eat with garlic".

Deep fried shrimp spring roll

In addition, Vietnamese cuisine also balances Yin-Yang in Fengshui, between warm and cold, spicy and mild. Most of the dishes are decorated harmonious colors and depend on the nature of the meal to cook in different ways.

Whatever the family meal or party, the main menu may also have full Vietnamese dishes such as rice or rice vermicelli/ pho, appetizers (salads), main dishes (braised dishes, fried dishes, stir-fries) and soup. Main ingredients are poultry meat or fresh seafood and vegetables.

Nowaday, enjoying traditional meal literally is difficult because most people do not have enough time or do not know how to cook. Therefore, come to us, the VIETHERITAGE restaurant, where you can enjoy the heritage preservation of Vietnamese food and the "more delicious than eating at home" meals with many traditional dishes and unforgettable taste.


Vietheritage offers the special promotion for the clients booking for year end party from Dec. 10th, 2013 to Feb. 10th, 2014.

Òffer 10 % - 20% Díscount on the bill for the booking of 50 packs with complimetary of traditional Vietnamese music

Òffer one bottle of wines with the value of the bill at 2.000.000 dong for the year end party.

The lucky draw reserve for the guess with the bill from 1.500.000 VND upwards

We also serve:

* Tiệc đứng ăn nhẹ/ Standing cocktail Party

* Tiệc tự chọn tự phục vụ/ Buffet party

* Tiệc ăn theo thực đơn cho sẵn/ Set menu

* Tiệc trà / Tea break

* Hội nghị/ Event

Come on! Please booking in Vietheritage immediately and getting a lot of gifts and offers from us.

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