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12 Years of Full-Time Travel on a Budget! Woman Shares Her Experience | Thông tin về du lịch hữu ích nhất.


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12 Years of Full-Time Travel on a Budget! Woman Shares Her Experience và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnchuyên mục này.

12 Years of Full-Time Travel on a Budget! Woman Shares Her Experience
12 Years of Full-Time Travel on a Budget! Woman Shares Her Experience

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12 Years of Full-Time Travel on a Budget! Woman Shares Her Experience.

travel world.

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  1. Nora Dunn's perspectives about travel have encouraged and inspired me to pursue this kind of lifestyle. I feel like I don't belong to an organization or a company and just remain as an employee for the rest of my life. I consider myself a free soul who wants to experience the world. I'm building the foundations of my plan to pursue an online career and save up before I start traveling. My first destination would be Southeast Asia since this is the region where my country, the Philippines, belongs, and explore other countries either at the end of this year or the first quarter of next year. And, who knows, I might find opportunities in Latin America or other parts of Asia or Europe. Thank you so much, Exploring Alternatives, for your insightful videos! Why have I just met you now? :)

  2. This doesn’t add up though ?
    You were a very successful person with your own successful finance company yet you sold yourself business and all your processions with you saving only cover the first 2 years of travelling ?

  3. There is a new generation of folks determined to fly around the world to rack up countries. My adult son is one of them. They burn more fossil fuel than a suburban household and never think about that when proselytizing about their life style. Kudos to Nora for staying in one place for months at a time even longer. And ALWAYS remember : your ability to experience other cultures is made possible because other humans stay in one place working their jobs dawn to dusk, day in and day out. Those stationary souls provide the infrastructure for your personal.use.

  4. Awesome thank you for this video I am into my second year of full time travel. The first one was from 2004 to 2005 and now from Nov 2019 to till now only difference covid hit and its making things challenging cos I quit my job, my flat and its a crazy time to not have fixed address but I am not giving up yet. I actually think that spending a month in a country is the minimum but like was said in the video it requires funding or generating funds. Thanks for the insights.

  5. Slow travel is the Best way! That's the way I like to travel. Stay for a while, absorb the culture and LEARN new things along the way!

  6. Ok but what is her budget/income?

    She was head of a financial planning practice–she could have made millions selling off everything she owned. This clearly isn't an example of the 'average' person.

  7. All this travelling sounds great, unless you take social responsibilities as environmental sustainability (for one person flying for 12 years across over 50 countries is a hell of an impact on the atmospheric temperatures, through the most unsustainable public transport) + good for you that you had the budget of what you sold in Toronto. If you boycott the concept of unsustainable businesses (sadly most common), you wouldn't even consider some job opportunities. You may say that this responsibilities of "citizen of the world" limit my opportunities, but at least I know deep inside that what I'm doing has better impact on our only (finite) home, our and future generations, than not caring about it, by taking reckless opportunities. Thumbs up for having wwoofed on the other hand, rather than more unsustainable lifestyle choices at your stops. Certainly the world doesn't need promoting the latter, but far more sustainable choices, made of boycotts too. So, I would also like to travel 12 years all around the world, but not flying… by another method.

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