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How to Repair a Three Handle Shower Valve | Ask This Old House | Kiến thức ẩm thực mới cập nhật.


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Yêu cầu chuyên gia về hệ thống ống nước và hệ thống sưởi của Ngôi nhà Cũ này Richard Trethewey sửa chữa và thay thế van vòi hoa sen bị rò rỉ. ĐĂNG KÝ cho Ngôi nhà Cũ này: Chi phí: $ 80 Thời gian: 3-4 giờ Trình độ kỹ năng: Danh sách công cụ vừa phải để sửa chữa van vòi hoa sen ba tay cầm: Tua vít [
Slip joint pliers [
Tub sockets [
Adjustable open ended wrench [

Shopping List:
Drop cloth [
Shower valve replacement kit [
Shower valve stems [

1. Shut off the water at the main water shutoff.
2. Put a drop cloth in the tub to protect it from any work and also to prevent small parts from falling down the drain.
3. Remove the handles from the valves using the screwdriver. They’re usually under small covers that read “hot” and “cold”.
4. Remove the escutcheons from the valves. They can usually be loosened by hand.
5. Unscrew the valve bodies from the wall with the slip joint pliers and the tub sockets.
6. Replace the seats for the valves. They should come in the repair kit.
7. Put the new stems into the valves and tighten them with the tub socket.
8. Tighten the bonnets on each of the stems with the open-ended adjustable wrench.
9. Screw the trim from the replacement kit over the stem and then put the escutcheons on over the trim.
10. Add the handles to the stems and screw them in with a screwdriver. Be sure to have the “hot” and “cold” labels installed right side up so they’re easier to read.
11. Turn the water back on.

Three-handle shower valves are no longer up to code due to a risk of scalding, and should be replaced with a single-handle, pressure-balanced one, particularly if the shower is used regularly or will be used by children. Pressure-balanced shower valves can be found at home centers or plumbing supply stores. You can also purchase cover plates that can hide holes left behind in the tiles when the valves are swapped.

When repairing existing three-handle valves, finding the correct components requires some detective work. Home centers have a book you case use to help you match up the correct parts, or you can go to a plumbing supply store and they will usually have the parts that you need.

Tub sockets and the other materials required to complete this project can also be found at home centers and plumbing supply stores.

Expert assistance for this segment was provided by Eastside Plumbing Supplies Inc.

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How to Repair a Three Handle Shower Valve | Ask This Old House

How to Repair a Three Handle Shower Valve | Ask This Old House và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnnội dung này.

How to Repair a Three Handle Shower Valve | Ask This Old House
How to Repair a Three Handle Shower Valve | Ask This Old House

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How to Repair a Three Handle Shower Valve | Ask This Old House.

hot and cold tuyen dung.

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  1. We are on a septic system and the valves seem to be clogged with deposits. We've replace valve stems, etc. Does this mean we have to tear open the tile to determine where the clog(s) is/are to replace all of the pipes?

  2. Thank God for you – I am in a 1965 Aframe – and I am replacing the water spotted/deteriorated handles, tub spout and diverter and drain – a basic remodel. (along with replacing the grout/calk at the tub wall joints at the entire perimeter all around the tub. Yeah. Tub spout is on, but had to find 'Central' parts for the knobs and stems, and for $85 at Home Depot – luckily I found the entire package you displayed that has all the new parts. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  3. Help!! We replaced all three Pfister cartridges and all 3 seats, but now the leak is more than before. What are we doing wrong? Help!!

  4. Thanks Richard…. you made this so simple that I just saved myself a big chunk of change….. this single mom just finished the job in no time !!!!! Thanks again

  5. Good detail in describing the importance of lightly tightening the bonnet nut…. But in 3:50 to 3:55 – mis-identifies the valve seat and washer……Overall – very informative and helpful

  6. this video is a life saver, i just replaced mine but had some leak problems from the crush washer, had to use a little Teflon tape and now its perfect


  8. Before installing the stems, apply a liberate amount of plumber's grease on the treads and a little on the rest of the stem.
    Install the stems, close the valves, turn on the water and inspect for leaks.
    Finish installing the other parts.
    If the threads don't have enough grease, the threads will wear and become loose and cause the water to slowly turn off.

  9. If i am replacing the whole system, does it matter which type of stem i use? Including the faucet knobs. What is the repair if i am not replacing original parts that were replaced by the wrong part?

  10. I did all of this because my faucet was dropping and worked great for 2 weeks but now my faucet is dripping again. Does this mean I need to replace the valve?

  11. hello guys! i always enjoy these videos. does anyone know the brand? i have the exactly same one installed in my house. i need to get the parts. HELP!!!!

  12. CA homes built in the 80s and 90s still used the 3 handle tub shower setups. My guest bath has Delta and I found all new parts to make it look new and original. Quite inexpensive too.

  13. When I turn the shower divert valve water flows great out of the shower but when it’s in the opposite position water barely flows out of the hot or cold lines to the faucet. How could the shower diverter valve cut the flow of water to a trickle to the faucet? None of the valves leak.

  14. This is a great video because many times you don’t have easy access to the valve body to replace it, without cutting a hole on the wall or removing old tiles. The new old styled parts also fit the decor of the rest of the bathroom.

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