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New World MMO 📮Starting Guide – 7 Mechanics You May Not Know About (Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks) | Thông tin về du lịch hữu ích nhất.


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New World MMO 📮Starting Guide – 7 Mechanics You May Not Know About (Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks) và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnbài viết này.

New World MMO 📮Starting Guide - 7 Mechanics You May Not Know About (Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks)
New World MMO 📮Starting Guide – 7 Mechanics You May Not Know About (Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks)

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New World MMO 📮Starting Guide – 7 Mechanics You May Not Know About (Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks).

công ty new world.

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  1. These are a few tips I've been really wanting to cover for a while, going to save the other crafting topics for closer to beta but these QoL changes should be very good to know going

    into the game. And since they added the new gem elements to the game like Ice and Nature, there's even more things to test out on the mob weaknesses/strengths side but this

    should give you a general understanding of how that system should work. Highly recommend making use of that stuff, especially at endgame. It could end up making things like

    farming so much easier.

    Other Notes:
    Saw a few questions about the Campfire checkpoints,
    it's a interesting feature but for the campfires you can
    place them anywhere that's not directly inside a POI.

    There's a radius around them to prevent them from
    being built too close, but some of the POI's
    (specifically the open world dungeons) have those
    campfire checkpoints in the middle of them or
    somewhere inside and those are small zones you can
    still put a campfire in.

    These are useful so that if you happen to die, you
    wont have to run all the way back from the entrance
    or wherever you initially put your campfire, you can
    spawn in a better place instead.


    Beginning – 00:00

    Campfire QoL Mechanics #1 – 00:52

    Faction Changing #2 – 02:38

    Remote Crafting System #3 – 03:22

    Mob Weakness/Strengths #4 – 04:22

    Settlement Item Transfer #5 – 05:25

    Artifact & Regular Schematics #6 – 06:25

    Honorable Mentions – 07:29

    Spirit Shrines #7 – 08:42

    Conclusion – 09:50

  2. I think it will be a good idea to create in your "Playlist" a list for New World Starter Guides and add all these daily guides to the list. It will make it much easier for someone else new to quickly look at the list and run down and view all the videos in the Playlist in getting started or up to speed on the game. Or even review the vids for a refresh in one view list vs roaming around trying to sift thru and find all the vids that should be in that list. Thus it will just be a helpful idea for all the game viewers if that was done hopefully. That said enjoy the content you keep delivering and keeping us all up to date.

  3. ok so i got a few questions about campfires, is there a limit to how many you can have, is there a time limit for how long they stay around

  4. Their description says: "You can duel solo or in groups of up to 5 players per side" – Duel specifically means fight of 2 persons, so.. how can a group battle be a duel? Or does it work like the players in the groups take turns, or..?

  5. If they don't balance the factions, it's going to be a mess.

    The current build is literally 90% covenant as its has cheaper quick travel and all storages are shared. Which is huge.

    This needs removed asap if they hope anyone is going to choose anything other than them

  6. I was on the fence when I played last year. But after all the big changes and patches they have put in this game since than. I am so hype for this game. Can not wait for Aug 31st. Hopefully there will be a pretty good size community for this game to succeed.

  7. Would be nice if transferring stuff was linked to an in-game caravan, that would serve as a mobile PvP area where you would be naturally inclined to want to protect your caravan transferring resources between holdings.

  8. This Game looks like there are getting a lot of ideas from ESO. I like that cause ESO is great game but pretty easy where you can use any build really and get thou the game no problem. I for sure will be playing New World because I am hopeful it will be like ESO but Builds will matter and be challenge. :)

  9. From everything that i heard about the game so far… fast travel is the only thing that i really hate. The no mount design too.. but i guess we'll see

  10. What is the blocking mechanic ? In ESO, when you keep right mouse clicked, you are blocking – it takes away 50% of the damage and applies the remainder damage plus the stamina cost, all influenced by shield passives (if you have a shield) or destro staff passives (if you have it on). What is the equivalent of that in New World ?

  11. Not gonna lie… the "camping checkpoint" things still don't make any sense… how do they even work and why are they needed again? Are you sure that's what they are?

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